Diksha Soni (B.Tech)placed in Arnav Infosoft

I’m graduating from Aryabhatta College at the end of this April. I had wonderful experience last three year. Various interaction programs with national and international scholars organized by the College were the most effective learning experience in my life. Teaching methods and materials used in the College blend the theory and practical learning. Even my parents feel proud that I am studying in Aryabhatta College. I’m proud to be a part of “ARYABHATTA GROUP OF COLLEGES”.

Mohit Upadhyay(B.Tech.)Placed in HCL
MOHIT UPADHYAYMy decision to study in the Aryabhatta College has been very fruitful and wonderful. Expert faculties, good infrastructure and facilities have all supported for producing skilled workforce needed for “New India”.I am proud to be a part of Aryabhatta College.
Bankim Mathur (B.Tech)Placed in HCL
BANKIM MATHURAryabhatta College is one of the loving parts of my life. I am more than satisfied with what I have been getting in this College. It’s a place where my dreams are nurtured to reality.
Piyush Tank (B.Tech) Placed in Aryabhatta Group
PIYUSH TAKI am proud to be a part of Aryabhatta College because the motivation provided by this College led me into the path where I never felt down. The gracious hands of our professional teachers always guide us to lightness. Proud to be a ARYABHATTAIAN.