Mission & Vision

mission & vision


Aryabhatta Academic Society is founded with the goal to make progress in traditional education system in a comprehensive manner like incorporating the inputs from industry, moral aspect of our students, motivational programs, entrepreneurship development assistance to students etc. It has been our continuous endeavor to improve and modify our teaching methodology, recruiting dedicated professional faculty and designing course structure in a manner so as to meet the growing aspirations of our students while also catering to the demands of the industry.

Aryabhatta Academic Society is proud of its efficient and methodical faculty in its various Institutes, who pass on their Sincerity and Discipline to our students. There is a strong emphasis on nurturing and developing every individual student via mentoring program for his/her wholesome development. Our excellent corporate relationship also helps our Institutes get the best professionals as faculty members, guest lecturers, motivational speakers, etc. We have also included the faculties from other universities and institutions in our panel of guest lecturers to impart best exposure to our students.

our vision

To encourage a value based innovative learning environment that engages deep intellectual, spiritual and moral stimulation and to promote holistic personality development for nurturing leadership.

our values

Caring for people.

Integrity including intellectual honesty, openness, fairness & trust.

Commitment to excellence.

our mission

To provide high quality academic facilities for students & staff in order to support the education endeavors of our institutes.

To design and develop Industry oriented Academic Programs to meet the growing demands of the industry.

To produces world class professionals who acquired their skills in a highly competent, research oriented environment from committed faculty members.

To develop Professionals who would be known for their Innovations, Analytical Competence, Scientific Intellect, Business Competency, Entrepreneurial skills as well as Discipline, Sincerity, Work Culture and Team Spirit.